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About us

Anarchy Tattoo Supplies was created out my absolute love of this industry. I have been a part of the tattoo supply scene since 2017.  I have had the absolute pleasure of travelling and working in various parts of the world.  I have visited manufacturers in the USA, Germany and Canada and was able to see firsthand how products were made.  I have hands on experience too since becoming a Certified Cosmetic Tatooist in 2018.  Though I love tattooing, I would have to say supplies are my favorite.  The distance this industry has come from manual tattooing, to coil machines, then rotary, then putting a “pen” styled machine in an artist’s hand, and now running machines on batteries with no cords and Bluetooth?! (Guess I’m showing my age here).

Quality and product knowledge are extremely important to me.  Supporting professionals and apprentices alike.  Only industry leading brands with solid reputations make it onto our shelves.  If you ever have a question regarding a product, its use, constitution, feel free to reach out anytime. This is not just a retail establishment; we truly care about this industry and are more than happy to share our extensive knowledge with you.

Our customer service is second to none.  We believe in prompt customer service, all of your questions or concerns will be addressed as soon as possible.  Feel free to contact us on the website, Facebook, Instagram, email, call or stop in.  The storefront is a safe place for all to come by, ask questions, or just chill and catch up. 

Good things are coming soon too so stay tuned……………..


Mary (aka Mimi)

Owner & Founder